8 08 2009

OMG I am like…SERIOUSLY! happy right now. This day has gotta be the most awesomest day so far this week >3<. The beginning of the week was kinda sucky, but then it gradually got better ๐Ÿ˜€ Today was so hot though ==” But at least the sun was out most of the day, especially during school which made me be all happy and hyper. *It’s like suddenly getting windy and cloudy now… O.o*Anyways, through out the lessons today, I could not stop singing 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” and seriously I didn’t care if anyone heard my bad singing xD LOL. It was mostly the “I will let it ride part” also cause I can’t speak/sing Korean and I would be a disgrace if I tried because my pronunciation would be horrible xP. At least one of my friends didn’t mind and did the clapping with me ๐Ÿ™‚

ANYWAYS! In this post I just wanna say THANKYOU SO MUCH Charley!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ a.k.a Addicted_Azn. I know I’ve said this heaps of times already, but I can’t say thank you enough. This is guy is like the best, seriously! x3. @ the Los Angeles AX convention he went and bought two fabulous sets of photocards and mailed them to me! Mail took a bit long to get here, but it doesn’t matter. As long as it got here. I’M SERIOUSLY HAPPY RIGHT NOW ๐Ÿ˜€ I actually saw the photos before in one of his photo he took from his AX album, but I didn’t know it was for me! So it was soo unexpected. It’s so much than I expected! I gotta repay you back somehow man! I owe you x100 xD

Too bad I can’t take a photo of them though…I dont have a camera on me at the moment D: *Yeah I know, what’s a post without pictures ==”*

Just being random:

This video is nice ๐Ÿ™‚

DANG at Koharu’s tears @ 3:05 O_O I’ve never watched the close-up version of Naichau Kamo before, so I’m like shocked to see her cry up close like that man xD


ATTENTION ALL MOMUSU FANS! (Nanchatte Renai Contest)

6 08 2009

Well this is truly exciting. Our dear, fellow, genius H!O member aewen has started up a contest that you can WIN by only just purchasing a copy (or preferrable more :P) of “Nanchatte Renai”, Morning Musume’s 40th single. Help get Morning Musume ON TOP OF THE ORICON CHARTS and win a prize if you’re lucky. Prizes include photocards of YOUR favourite Morning Musume stated by you, and if that is unavailable well your SECOND favourite member, autographed specially by the specific member you have chosen. Prizes such as PB’s and a H!P/MM DVD will still be given out by aewen even if MM doesn’t not reach the top (SO DON’T GIVE UP, HELP OUT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!) Unfortunately for Koharu fans, something happened with her photocard – you can read more about that on aewen’s site, which the link is provided below. Lol.

Read for more information here, everything you need to know is on aewen’s site:

THANKYOU Aewen for thinking up such a wonderful idea, and it’s truly inspiring as an MM fan to give up your AX2009 photocards that you recieved through hard work, waiting long ass hours in a line in the boiling, hot Sun just to help Morning Musume reach #1. I know I would be crying if they were given away, but if it’s for the sake of MM reaching #1 on the Oricon charts, I would totally do so to make that happen.

The C/W track: Aki Urara…

3 08 2009

Oh my God, I swear I am like totally in love with this song, probably played it around 20 times over yesterday and it’s still on repeat today. It’s such a slow, but funky song which I can enjoy listening to. It’s a song that I can relax too and just let the music play over and over again. I just…LOVE IT! x3. Especially the “I LOVE YOU” *sigh* Does anyone else find this as hot as I do? Seriously, Gakisan’s & Aichan’s “I LOVE YOU”s just seem to have more emotion and just sweeps me off my feet *sorry Reina* I always end up rewinding to listen to it over again. It’s just so sexy to listen to xP. Who doesn’t like listening to their favourite idols singing “I…love you” in your ears, pretending it’s for you. LOL. *I LOVE YOU TOO RISA!!!* ROFL jokes xD. But yeah I would totally rate this song 5/5.
I love it THAT much. Also because I’m also fond of “Yowamushi” & “ROMANCE” which have around the same tempo and music style, so that must be another reason.
Beside the “I…LOVE YOU” parts, I find the lines in between the verse and the chorus just catchy and awesome to listen to. I can totally hear JunJun and LinLin *AWESOME* in there, I think Risa’s in there as well but I can’t tell because the mp3 is kinda LQ so all the sounds just lap over each other too much to recognize who’s voice it belongs to.

I also can’t wait till the lyrics + translations are up, because apparently in Reina’s part, she talks about murdering the person who cheats on her – awesome LOL. Suits her wonderfully, her short- tempered side. xD *poison anyone?* and Yes I’m serious, she talks about poison and also becoming a creature of the night LOL. Whoah, creepy and also unexpected, because when you listen to it…it doesn’t sound like she’s singing about killing someone at all! She’s calmly singing ROFL, but that’s how Reina rolls *I think?* Payback to that shirt-changing wota who kept on tricking her at the fan event and teaching a lesson to those wotas who didn’t clap properly to Queen Reina’s solo. YOU MUST OBEY!!! So I seriously can’t wait to see what the whole song is about x3.

Moral of this blog post: NEVER mess with Reina

* Aichan was already a victim but my internet was once being evil again and suddenly stopped on Reina and I saw this XD*

Can’t wait for Subete wa Ai no Chikara ~

And then there were five. Umeda Erika, you will be dearly missed.

2 08 2009

Another one?! You have got to be kidding me. Well this is shocking news. Two C-ute members have left the group in a span of almost 2 months. It seems only yesterday that Kanna-chan left C-ute because of some possible reasons, but the real reason will never be confirmed because she wasn’t given a proper send off by a graduation. But Erika, on her own account, has decided to graduate from C-ute to pursue a modelling career where she shall study in that area and hopes one day become a fashion model.ย  And unlike Kanna (unfortunately) will be given a proper send off and will be graduating on the 25th October. This is the first, official graduation ever, for C-ute. Might I say, this is a bit of a coincidence. In the forums, I’ve seen people from the forums talk about how she’s “model material” and that Erika has always wanted to be a model as shown here. She politely asks the lady sitting next to the “high school girl”, who I assume is a model herself, how to walk when going down the catwalk. Probably all the model talk stemmed from that, but I dunno.

About my knowledge on Erika, well. It was only later in the year 2008 that I started to recognize each and every one of the H!P Kids but now I know everyone. But as for their personalities, I didn’t know much. Only did I know of Momoko because of her goofiness, Chinami because of her smiles, Chisato because of her jokes every now and then etc. But as for Erika, I knew that she had quite a funny personalities and a gag person. But as for everything else, I didn’t really know much about her. But I will miss Erika because the C-ute I knew had 7 members. No matter if I didn’t pay attention to one of them, it would still feel a bit weird without any of them. I used to sort of dislike Koharu at first in Morning Musume, but as I thought of Morning Musume without her, where would her smile be? Where’s that extra goofiness that I see on the screen? So that is why even though I never did really pay attention to Erika only up til a few months ago, she will still be missed by me because she had her own talents and attributes.

But on a lighter note, I really hope she does become successful as she studies modelling at a young age of 18. To step out of your area, from the idol world into the modelling world. These two may seem similar: you got the fans, the antis, the paparazzi and the media around you, but the modelling world is way more extreme than being an idol. So I do hope Erika becomes the best, cause I think she’s got what it takes. She’s just about reaches the right height and I gotta admit – she’s way pretty.

Erika-chan won’t graduate until the 25th of October, the last day of C-ute concert tour in which they have just started. So there’s only about 3 months left until she fully graduates from Hello! Project, where she has stayed with almost half her life. So I won’t say goodbye yet!

โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ So GOOD LUCK ERIKA! I hope everything goes well for you girl! >_<” โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

erikaume_san1 copy

Yesterday’s outing ~

2 08 2009

…Was SO FUN!!! Haha, It was just 4 of my friends and I going out to the city ๐Ÿ™‚ It was my friend’s birthday “M-chan”. First we just went ate like beasts because one of my friends came late, but it was alright – just as long as she came!!! Everyone was so impatient xD We went to the Asian part of the city and ate int he food court. I just had pad thai, that’s what I usually get when I’m there, and some Taro milk tea. We then went to this place where there are HEAPS of Japanese photos booth but they’re way more expensive than in Japan though >_>” I also secretly tried to win something from the UFO catchers for M-chan for her birthday…but completely failed ==”

Afterwards we decided to walk around in this district, also cause my friend wanted to buy cream puffs, *she kept on asking for them.* But the funny thing was, we entered Chinatown where there are heaps of Asian shops and likeย  three stores we went into were playing “Fire” by 2NE1 xD. Which was awesome, so my friends and I started to do the little dance to it ๐Ÿ™‚ haha.ย  The coolest part was my friends were walking down this district in Chinatown, and suddenly we saw this store and on the front was a HUGE poster of 2NE1, and others like Super Junior and SHINee. But as soon as my friend, “Tin-chan”,ย  and I saw it, we were like “Is that…CL?!” and we immediately ran into the store like raging bulls. I think I must’ve accidently pushed a woman on my lady, so my deepest apologies to that lady, but I couldn’t hold back my excitement x3. And to our luck it was a store which sold Asian music – OMG FINALLY! I swear I must be effin’ blind. I’ve walked past that district heaps of times, and never saw it. ZOMG. I feel so stupid. But anyways they had HEAPS of stuff!. I’ve finally found a store which sells Asian CD’s now. I’m so going there everytime I go city now.

As for the stuff there they had almost all the Asian artists I know, Super Junior’s 3rd Album, SNSD’s first mini album & Tell Me Your Wish, lots of Big Bang stuff (must be in high demand in the Asian music market in Australia), and some posters but they weren’t for sale – but some posters could come with the CD’s if you bought them. And then a miracle happened…HELLO! PROJECT STUFF. OMG FINALLY I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR A MOMENT FOR THIS! They had “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance” by Berryz Koubou on the shelf and one of their old singles *I’ve forgotten which one.* They also had this DVD with like all special videos in it by H!P, looked pretty recent though. There was also C-ute’s latest single “Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu.” Pretty cool stuff, but I didn’t have enough dough to buy ALL that. I was also lucky to see Ayaya’s old album “Double Rainbow” on the shelf as well.

And the greatest ever happened *ok well not GREAT but you know,* THERE WAS FREEKIN’ SHOUGANAI YUME OIBITO ON THE SHELF! ZOMG! An actual Morning Musume single. I actually started squealing and jumpin’ around when I saw and picked it up and started hugging it xD. So my friend had to come over to calm me down. Haha. I was soo excited.

But the gayest thing is, I didn’t have enough money to buy the single – and it was freekin’ Limited Edition #$%$@#$#!!! I really wish I brought more money , shit.ย  So I am soooo seriosuly gonna come back for it. Just you wait single, I’m commin’ to get ya! I wish I took photos, but I thought I might get in trouble and that, but I’m not sure…haha.

We then had to get out of the store after looking for around 15 mins inside because we had to pick up the photos we took earlier in this photo studio. It took a long time but it was fun. I look bad in some photos though ==…I kinda got home late past 9 pm, but my parents didn’t really mind. Luckily M-chan’s mom was around.

*Check da yo~!* Morning Musume [Nanchatte Renai]

1 08 2009

MORNING MUSUME’s 40th commemorative single – “NANCHATTE RENAI”


Help MORNING MUSUME get to the top of the Oricon charts! Even though it seems unrealistic because you got the bigger guys like Ayu and Gackt having their singles released on the same day please, DO NOT GIVE UP! Help out your fellow wotas out and support your favourite idols to reach the #1 Spot! Make it happen for Morning Musume’s 40th single!

You can pre-order their singles from the following sites – HMV/CD Japan/Amazon/YesAsia, *but remember for YesAsia the sales are not counted in for the Oricon charts*


*Top left: Limited Edition A, Top Right: Limited Edition B, Bottom Left: Regular Edition, Bottom Right: 40th Commemorative Edition*


Regular/Limited A/Limited B c/w track: Aki Urara

40th commemorative c/w track*: Subete wa Ai no Chikara

Limited A Edition Bonus DVD: Dance Version.

Limited B Edition Bonus DVD: Close up. Version (BLACK) *When they are in their black costumes for Nanchatte Renai)

*The 40th Commemorative Edition comes with a different c/w trackand not “Aki Urara” like the rest of the editions

A quote from the site that OnDiet pointed out…

ใƒ•ใ‚กใƒณใฎใฟใชใ•ใ‚“ใฎๅŠ›ใ‚’ๅˆใ‚ใ›ใฆใ€๏ผ‘ไฝใ‚’็ฒใ‚Œใ‚‹ใ‚ˆใ†ใซ้ ‘ๅผตใ‚Šใพใ—ใ‚‡ใ†๏ผ๏ผ

Putting all the fans’ power together, lets work hard to grab #1!!



Today ~! (TGIF)

31 07 2009

OMG! Thank-seriously-ergthdbgrrfe324t5serfed Goodness It’s Friday. I swear this week has been so stressing (and I haven’t been to school for the first three days this week?) But anyways, never mind about that. It was still stressful! But now I’m relieved. I worried over my stupid oral presentation for nothing =.= Went by like a breeze. But I got such a crappy mark though, but seriously I’m just glad it’s OVER! So I hit the couch immediately once I got home from school and started playing Dynasty Warriors 4 on my new PS3 x3. I swear I loooooove that game. I always like Dynasty Warriors. Not like the first ones though because you can’t get on a frickin’ horse =.= Probably just like number 4,5 & Samurai Warriors Empires. I haven’t tried Gundam yet, but I want to. But the damn game is so bloody hard to find.